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Adam & Eve [ Vintage  Uncensored  English ]I walked back into the sitting room downstairs and was met with silence and looks of disbelief, Damian, is that girl you just fucked your daughter. said Tom, everyone stared at me, I looked at Terry and Willy who were smiling at me, actuallyshe is I said going red in the face with humiliation and rage towards the Murphys for setting me up, no sooner had I said it when everyone in the room started to clap and applaud, I was amazed as was Terry and Willy who had expected everyone to laugh and jeer me for fucking my daughter, good man Damian said Tom, your great shouted big Trevor the man who popped my daughters cherry, I smiled and laughed as everyone shook my hand, hey!Why dont we do this with all of our daughters said Jerry (one of my many drinking buddies), yeah!said another voice, I have 3 teenage daughters who I wouldnt mind fucking said Mickey (another regular to my local pub), We could do this every weekend said Tom, We all cheered and then turned to the Murphy bros who were looking at me apologetically, I held out my hand to show I held no grudge and they each shook it gratefully, no harm done I said besides well need both you two to mark all our daughters and coordinate these little evenings said Mickey, no problem there!said Terry grinning, I cant wait said Willy theyd obviously seen Mickeys daughters and approved), We all celebrated and got on with the night each of them taking turns with my daughter whipping her, fucking her, humiliating her and degrading her and each of them did the same thing when they entered the sitting room again afterwards they walked over to me and shook my hand and complimented me on my daughters performance, after they had all had a go of her, we brought her downstairs and gang fucked her, punishing her as much as we could, At the end of the night we all arranged to meet up the following weekend for Mickeys daughters, I collected my ?1500 from the Murphy bros and everyone generously donated and extra ?10 each for Rebecca as a tip making her an extra ?200 on top of the ?1000 she already earned, The following morning I got up and went to the pub everyone was talking about the night before and how much they enjoyed my daughter, many had already arranged private visits to fuck my little girl and I of course get 50 being her father, I could tell Rebecca was going to be a very busy girl from now on and I was going to be very comfortable financially, I went home that evening and saw Rebecca, she had just got in and had designer shopping bags under each arm, did you have a good night at your friends house last night. I asked (pretending to be casual yes thank you Daddy she said cheerfully, Ive been invited over again for a couple of nights this week for a studying group, is that okay Daddy. she asked sweetly, sure thing sweetheart I said, and she went upstairs and 5 minutes later called out to me, Together, I love having both holes dealt with!Mmmm!Yeah!Keep fucking me you. Do you think we can do that again. Will you. Carrie fought as Gina crawled free and disappeared into the background, OOOHHHHHHOOORRRR. Jess looked at Carrie and smiled, Oh no baby ,theres going to be lots more, my friends all want a chance to play with my new fuck toy. Was she coming on to me.

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This was alright. Jennifer looked disgusted, and ran out, not wanting to see this. I outplayed you yesterday. Well. Kim was not going to let me get away. So she slowed down her pace, but not the pressure. After we all came down from the orgasmic high, Mikey asked, Does it taste good.

Understandable really, who wouldnt be shocked if their little girl came back from boarding school as a Catgirl.

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I think I did a really good job, and you agreed you would pay me back. This was going to get interesting. On the top shelf was the USB dongle, looking exactly as it was supposed to. Yes she whispered. For those of you who like to criticize my grammar. Apprentice pimps coming around with their hands out before any action.

Homer just had to feel how tight lisas pussy was, and with her juicy cunt so wet, he slowly pushed his middle finger into lisas pussy.

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There he found what he was looking for. Well, you go on up to bed. It was atrocious, why, it was unthinkable to employ such decrepit old horrors when such pretty objects stood ready at one's beck and call; but, oh how well 'tis known, satiety is born in the arms of abundance, and when in the very thick of voluptuous delights one takes an even keener pleasure in torments.

A week ago, this would have meant a lot to me, and I would have followed that road, but I had a new perspective in mind. I enjoyed my gifted body and attention, but I also do aerobics often to ensure I stay in shape.

She accidentally left the door just enough so I could look in. Breathe Sweetie, breathe.

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That was unbelievable. Then her eyes flickered as she passed out. I wanted it so bad, and I was so wet. Her orgasm came. Perfect. Hold it there, puss. And retiring to the distant boudoir with Augustine, Zelamir, Cupidon, Duclos, Desgranges, and Hercule, he was heard, a minute later, to utter ringing cries and oaths which proved the Duc had finally managed to calm his brain and soothe his balls.

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Whose note. He asked. Mummy. Please, I am so tired. Julia smirked a crooked smile at me. Did you think I had forgotten Madam Pomfreys orders to me. Listen, if I had told the class that you had used wandless magic, I would be telling them that either you were one of the most powerful wizards in Britain, or else, that you were unable to control your emotions. Sam looked at the man still on the ground, No, I was in the guild.

Gently massaging the back of her neck with his. Then like I was a rag doll he lifted me up and turned me around and lowered me down so my mouth was on his cock.

I'm sure she had never even imagined a cock the size of the one plowing into her sister.

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